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"Not all who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien, in Lord of the Rings
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Sound of Freedom

By: Couch Potato
On: 2023-08-05
Re: TV & Movies (in Entertainment)

God's children are not for sale.

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Road Trip – Almost Heaven

By: Happy Traveller
On: 2023-08-04
Re: Helvetia & Valley Falls WV, New River Gorge NP (in Travel)

Our first trip to West Virginia! It really is "Almost Heaven."

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Recent Site Update(s)

By: Andy
On: 2021-06-04
Re: Web Development (in Computing)

The latest in a long line of updates and redesigns of my personal website and blog.

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Administriva 20190205

By: Staff
On: 2019-02-05
Re: Administrative (in Administrative)

Some long overdue "blog housekeeping."

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Blog, blog, blog…

By: Andy
On: 2019-01-15
Re: Writing (in Writing)

So many blogs... so little time. Difficult decisions.

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No, and don’t ask again…

By: Andy
On: 2019-01-08
Re: People Pleasing (in Psychology)

I've said "yes" for so long that now people won't accept "no."

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Happy New Year 2019!

By: Staff
On: 2019-01-01
Re: Holiday (in Home Life)

Sadly, yet another "cop-out" post. I'll do better real soon now...

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Merry Christmas 2018!

By: Andy
On: 2018-12-25
Re: Christianity (in Religion)

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11

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Thoughts on Coffee

By: Andy
On: 2010-12-23
Re: Coffee (in Food and Drink)

Coffee! What more is there to say?